Case Study: Onboarding Next Generation of Leaders


CLIENT: Global Leading Accounting/Consulting Partnership


  •  Top-four accounting/consulting firm with international presence in over 100 locations
  •  Desired an innovative, engaging experience to onboard and inspire new equity and non-equity partners



  • Delivered to 300 participants simultaneously in “teams of 6-8”
  • Team-based simulation to align new partners on elevated firm and client responsibilities
  • Deliberate practice of best practice mindsets and behaviors during pivotal- firm and client-related leadership moments
  • Positioned and effectively delivered as “fully custom for us” and “delivered by us”. Senior partners co-created design and facilitated key sessions
  • Example topics included new VC incubator, C-suite relationships,
  • Washington DC practices,  portfolio innovation and global collaboration


  • Strengthened commitment, engagement and loyalty among new revenue-generating, firm-leading partners
  • Improved client-facing and internal performance by giving new partners a safe environment to try on new behaviors/skills, fail without consequence, reflect and hear corrective feedback from senior partners
  • Internalized and aligned to firm best practices across geographies and business units
  • Created an annual event with prestige for aspiring partners to look forward to (“I made it” and “I was there”)

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Tori Cox