We've facilitated 500+ meetings for large and small groups - but the common denominator is high-stakes change.

Hear What Our Clients Say:

The Exember team is my secret weapon. What they deliver is far more than mere ‘meeting facilitation’. Exember partners with leaders to help organizations realize goals, develop priorities, and transform themselves by capitalizing on those rare moments where teams are fortunate enough to come together.

Their ability to uncover hidden obstacles and help teams see their purpose seems effortless in the meeting, but is founded on deep research, years of insights, and an innate understanding of team dynamics. If we are going to spend the time and energy to bring our valuable resources together, our first call is to Exember.
— Lisa Joy Rosner, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Neustar



Strategy Mobilization

Facilitate cross-functional meetings to enable leadership teams to launch and sustain complex business change


Leadership Alignment and Cohesion  

High-impact, facilitated meetings to address issues of team dynamics, relationships, and leadership effectiveness in environments of high-stakes change


Large Meetings and Off-sites

If you're bringing together dozens or hundreds of people, we create the right mix of inspiration, true buy-in to executive messages, mindset shifts, and go-forward structures necessary to create lasting change


Designed Experiences

We create  customized experiential assets, and set you up to deliver them with or without us. Our deepest expertise here has been within B2B technology companies selling high-risk, high-reward disruptive offerings

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