Feel what success looks like. Create deliberate practice. Inspire customers to see the world through your eyes. We have “a particular set of skills” in designed experiences and use it to help clients develop their people and inspire their customers


Our focus to date has been on two specific types of experiences for enterprise technology companies’ sales and professional services organizations.


Type 1:
Sales Deliberate Practice

  • This is all about deliberate practice in realistic scenarios. We distill the few situations that count most to your business, and put participants into high-stakes situations where they make decisions, influence role players, and demonstrate the “what success looks like” behaviors that you need from them in order to achieve your goals
  • Our differentiation is speed and quality of customization, our deep enterprise technology expertise, and our flexibility. You can call us back to facilitate the workshops, or we can train your people to run it. It’s up to you.

Type 2:
Engaging Customers In A New Way

  • The second type of experience is about helping YOUR CUSTOMERS experience the journey YOU WANT to take them on, and the role that your solutions can play in your customer’s transformative journey.
  • This gives you a new way to engage with customers that’s more about partnership than hard sell, open the door to engagement at a higher level, and focuses your value proposition on the results, not the implementation details.
  • Delivery events range from technology leaders at “superstar” conferences like AWS Re:invent to IT leadership teams eager for a trusted partner to help them drive cloud transformation.
  • We can help you create a powerful asset that engages customers during the early discovery phase to help you close larger and more transformative deals.

Using Workshops To Sell Enterprise Technology Solutions To CIOs

“Thanks guys. We received feedback yesterday evening that the workshop was a huge success.

It got people thinking in the broader sense that was needed and it kicked off the afternoon discovery for [our offering] with an open mind. By focusing on a system of engagement and pulling in the right mix of people, the art of the possible is truly possible.”  

- Technology Sales Leader, After Delivering CIO Workshop For a $20B+ Customer

Hear What Our Clients Say:

The Exember team are truly exceptional partners for us. We have used them for multiple events but most recently they proved themselves able to help us at scale when launching a customized training exercise to teach advanced sales and customer engagement skills. Not only did they design an excellent session, but they helped us train up a small army of session leaders and facilitators so we could execute the training across an audience of 700 simultaneously.
— Brian Foster, Global Senior Director, Strategy Practice – ServiceNow

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