Energize the organization. Support real discussions. Unblock progress. Put you on the path to the future you envision. We create with you and for you— equal parts memorable experience and meaningful business outcomes.


Leaders invest in off-sites because they know that some goals are only possible when you bring the collective intelligence and passion of the organization into one room together, and unleash it



We move large meetings from one-way, non-interactive communications to powerful, interactive moments that inspire, align, and activate the organization

  • Align and mobilizes leadership
  • Create clarity, buy-in, and momentum to launch difficult initiatives
  • Raise the imperative to solve strategic challenges
  • Surface and confront difficult issues
  • Create sizzle and excitement about the future

How we do it: 

Meetings are custom designed based on stakeholder interviews and other research on your organization's current needs and aspirations

  • Recognize organizational context and fine tune the design to the need
  • Expertly and creatively facilitate using diverse approaches and tools
  • Acknowledge how people learn and how they are inspired
  • Mix up the experience with different modes of engagement
  • Leverage the collective intelligence and energy together in (sometimes visceral) shared experiences and content-focused face-to-face discussions
  • Take advantage of the excitement of the large room to create memorable experiences (think a concert with your favorite band, a Tony Robbins session, or a riveting speaker)

Overhauling the Leadership Conference

From Perfunctory Event to Engaging Strategy-Driver


Hear What Our Clients Say:

We called Eric in to design and facilitate an 80-person offsite. He worked with us on every stage of meeting planning and execution. From giving pointers on how to make activities more engaging and how to increase learning through live simulations to setting the right tone and having the right tempo in our schedule, Eric nailed it.

On the feedback forms from the offsite, Eric’s contributions and leadership were mentioned directly by virtually everyone. His depth of experience in running over 250 offsites in the past five years really showed, in how he coached us as managers to set the events up for success, how he conducted sessions, and how he added concrete stories from his experience with other leadership teams.

I would encourage everyone, from companies big and small, to consider Eric as a resource in planning off-sites and leadership team meetings. These events aren’t cheap, and we wouldn’t have gotten nearly the same return in terms of culture setting and learning without Eric involved.
— Clay Whitehead, Co-CEO, PresenceLearning

You have set your company vision. You have your top people in the room. What should you do with them?

Planning a company off-site?

We plan large meetings to engage on strategic topics and promote alignment, problem solving, idea sharing, and go-forward excitement.