Case Study: Beyond The Transformation Pivot


CLIENT: CEO of a $500M+ Technology Company


  • Company was in the midst of a comprehensive business transformation, merging multiple acquisitions to take on a new market
  • They had progressed past the pivot point as individual profit centers, but were a complex organization featuring multiple products, operating from multiple geographies and recovering from a massive reorganization
  • They needed to shore up the progress that they had achieved and build momentum forward as an integrated company


  • Designed a “momentum meeting” that brought together the top-100 leaders of the organization across all silos balancing information sharing, cross-organizational execution and transformational leadership discussions
  • Engaged the team strategically, building commitment to the transformational path, aligning to specific strategic choices and understanding context for success in the next phase
  • Engaged the team operationally, taking input on the most important priorities for the next phase and planning unit priorities
  • Engaged the team as leaders, defining leadership requirements during the transformation, making individual commitments, preparing for communications to the organization as a whole and building connections across silos in a fun, competitive way


  • Top 100 leaders committed to the strategy and prepared to lead the rest of the organization with their communications and their actions
  • Organization ready to take on the next phase of the transformation with clear unit plans as well as structures and relationships for cross-silo execution

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Tori Cox