Case Study: Fleshing Out Next Transformational Vision


CLIENT: Video Game Market Leader


  • Top video game firm had plateaued in existing business model
  • Desired process to identify transformational vision for company and define first steps toward a new business model across all functions and studios



  • Celebrated accomplishments and learned from past sub-optimal execution on key initiatives
  • Presented compelling high-level architecture of the new vision for the firm and benefits for company and players
  • Engaged cross-functional teams in scenario-planning simulation to identify alternative outcomes, ecosystem reactions, strategic risks, key success factors and functional change requirements over 3-year span
  • Fleshed out more defined end-state and specific year-1 change requirements and defined roles of each functional team in the transformative change
  • Deepened appreciation and relationship across teams and individuals


  • Team exited offsite feeling greater clarity and ownership of vision, as well as more prepared to drive change with their functional teams
  •  Functional team leads executed on agreed actions within their domains but also effectively addressed inevitable function-to-function flare-ups, relying on their strong relationships
  • Firm has already transitioned more than 50% of firm to the new business model and continues to use offsites like this to stretch their vision even further

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Tori Cox