Case Study: Maintaining Momentum on Choppy Market Transition Plan


CLIENT: Information Services Firm


  • Medium size public firm in telecom information services industry
  • In mid-stream of life-saving change of company from government sector contract to private sector with vastly different value props
  • Rapid growth via acquisition, yet needing to meet aggressive targets with no margin to fail
  • Some next-level leader concern about ability to perform on plan



  • Rallied team about aspirational end-state and inspired about progress to date, transparently framing current state and existing challenges
  • Engaged the team in candid dialogue about issues, but involved them in creating solutions as owners, not passive, reluctant passengers
  • Laid out specific efforts to accomplish ambitious goals and involved teams in defining success requirements
  • Built strong personal commitment within each team member to their impact on the company journey and locked in commitment via public rituals, stoking brotherhood-in-arms spirit against a common challenge
  • Prepared participants to tell the story and inspire teams back home


  • Participants exited feeling positive about honest dialogue and excited to take on challenges together
  • Top- and extended-leadership teams strengthened effectiveness over time and ability to lead challenging transition
  • Company executed and met several aggressive quarterly/annual financial targets
  • Company has continued to grow organically and via acquisition with positive stock performance, defining a defensible position as a leader in new market sector

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Tori Cox