Case Study: Reaching for Even Higher Vision


CLIENT: Global Entrepreneurial Bank


  • Market leading entrepreneur-focused, multi-national bank expanding globally
  • Recently completed first annual corporate strategic planning process
  • Wished to align top-100 leadership to strategic priorities and maintain leadership ambition while still on top (not rest on laurels)



  • Engaged top leaders in 2-day retreat, including combination of strategic content and interactions
  • Mobilized leaders to propose solutions to address existing operating barriers that gated further growth
  • Committed participants to address their own growth opportunities and play their part on organizational issues
  • Prepared leaders to engage rest-of-organization (2,000 globally) in structured activity 10 days later


  • Firm top- and next-level-leadership viewed the meeting as wildly successful, as confirmed by survey results performed weeks later
  • Prioritized recommendations considered to affect operating barriers
  • Laid groundwork for deeper strategic planning process in following year
  • Offsite sequence finalist for award by Gartner/CEB Expert Leadership and Manager Communications award as submitted by client

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Tori Cox