Case Study: A New Story With Real Change


CLIENT: Key Function of a Fortune 50 Multinational Corporation


  • Internal function was viewed as highly performing in existing role
  • Function was also seen as at odds or irrelevant to current strategic imperatives of the company
  • Team’s identity, assets and processes were highly aligned with the old value proposition and approach


  • Implemented stakeholder input campaign to understand current priorities and test intersection with optional value extensions
  • Defined a transformative path to new value positioning for the team that leveraged existing assets
  •  Sharpened internal branding and co-created pitch with senior team to explain new path and build internal support
  • Supported team definitions of next steps to build capability and go to market internally with new direction


  • Function fully pivoting to new value proposition with internal identity
  • Team delivering major strategic contribution and seen as essential for it
  • Team expanding on this platform to build new assets in partnership with other functions

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Tori Cox