Case Study: Igniting Something Big


CLIENT: Services Division of Fortune 100 Technology Company


  • Services division had been executing with operational excellence, passively attached to product
  • They were now being looked to as an increasingly important source for profitable revenue growth
  • There was an opportunity to leverage existing assets into new offerings, but challenge seen in providing customer-centric solutions and creating early traction


  • Brought together key cross-functional role players from multiple countries for program launch
  • Defined vision, by taking in multiple internal and external stakeholder viewpoints
  • Identified a target first wave offering set, based on sales input and a deeper understanding of customer high value problems
  • Designed a go-to-market system, including internal deal promotion, assessment, architecture, execution and results post-mortem
  • Created 90-day plan for getting started as well as system for maintaining cohesion momentum of the program


  • Program under way with teams executing according to plan
  • Team closing initial wave of deals and preparing for implementation
  • Stakeholders committed to progress and required support

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Tori Cox